Saving Tips

What type of savings account is best for you? There are generally three types of savings accounts: regular savings accounts,…

Due to inflation, prices are up on all kinds of goods including school supplies. Many Americans are concerned about soaring prices, shortages of products and the amount of time it takes to receive online orders.
This day is a great reminder that it is never too early to start thinking about ways to teach your children about the benefits of saving money. Teaching children to save at an early age promotes financial healthiness in adulthood. Once children are in elementary school they are ready to start learning about money management. This is a perfect time to start giving an allowance for chores and open a savings account at your local bank. One idea is to have two buckets-one for saving and one for spending. This helps introduce children to the concept of dividing their money so that some gets allocated to savings. Talk to your child about how much they are permitted to spend and how much they should save.